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  1. a 69 year lady from my friend list posted a status

    " I wish there was only one currency with Lord Ram water mark over it."

    Its a nice thought but I feel posting religious thoughts is not ethical. Imagine if i was Muslim and reading this status. Will I ever put like?. This might be the reason for all conflicts in the world.

    God's picture is something you should place in your heart not on a piece of paper which can be kept anywhere behind toilet seat to escape from income tax.
    Such people are not welcomed on my friend list. so I deleted her.

    some of my friends in Facebook think its fun placing politician's faces over nude children. Imagine if that politician was your family member, would you ever appreciate it?

    SO NEXT TIME BEFORE POSTING : SING IS KING: think for a moment that not everyone is singh.
    just express your thoughts .DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR RELIGION
    say something 
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