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  1. My home page is totally contaminated now.
    I don’t feel like opening it. It’s sad every time I see Indians blaming politicians for the corruption on Facebook. It’s a nice thought but I feel that posting religious and political thoughts on Facebook is not ethical. Sharing and commenting is the laziest way of protesting against corruption.
    ... For more than 65 years, we have been playing this blame game.
    Politicians come from us. It’s you who become national leaders.
    It’s you who become officers. It’s only you. You make the country.
    politicians do not come from another planet. Some of my friends on Facebook think it’s fun placing politician's faces over nude children. Imagine if that politician was your family member, would you appreciate that? Antas and all his Indian friends are responsible for the condition of India.
    Please stop cyber crime by criticizing politicians on Facebook
    say something 
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